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Saturday, 22 July 2017
S T A T I S T I C S :

National Quiz-Mail Update 2000-2001 Vol. I

NATIONAL QUIZ FINALS-Spring Arbor, MI-June 26-30, 2000 
Galatians & Ephesians & Philippians & Colossians & Philemon
Tournament Directors: Mark Colgan & Mike Hopper

The detailed awards list with pictures can be found at: .

Senior Teen Veteran - A:
1st     Vandalia- Parkview, IL
2nd    Springfield II - Knox Knolls, IL
3rd    Spring Arbor, MI
4th    Springfield, OR
5th    Bedford, IN
5th    Indianapolis - Aldersgate, IN

Senior Teen Veteran - B:
1st     Issaquah - Mt. Creek, WA
2nd    Bedford, IN
3rd    Albion, NY 

Senior Teen Rookie:
1st     Lawrence, KS
2nd    Gowanda, NY
3rd     Phoenix - Deer Valley, AZ

Young Teen Veteran:
1st     Alton, IL
2nd    Issaquah - Mt. Creek, WA
3rd    Shoreline, WA
4th    Willamina - Tri-City, OR
5th    Spring Arbor, MI
5th    Clarkston, MI

Young Teen Rookie - A:
1st     Anderson - Wesley, IN
2nd    Alton, IL
3rd    Nicholasville - (Open Door), KY
4th    Gowanda I, NY
5th    Gowanda II, NY
5th    Monaca (Monacrest), PA 

Young Teen Rookie - B:
1st     Fillmore, MN
2nd    Butler, PA
3rd     Hastings, MI

QuIC Extra:
1st     Anderson - Wesley, IN
2nd    Nicholasville - Open Door, KY
3rd     Springfield, OR

QuIC Rookie:
1st     Albion, NY
2nd    Vincennes, IN
3rd     Willamina - Tri-City, OR

Senior Teen Individual Final:
1st     Slager, James    Spring Arbor, MI
2nd    Riddle, Kyle    Indianapolis - Aldersgate
3rd    Sanders, David    Greenville, IL
4th    Houser, Jared    Springfield, OR
5th    Meyer, Heather    Springfield, OR 
6th    Baldwin, Mendy    Bedford, IN

Senior Teen Individual Consolation:
1st      Willis, Patrick    Willamina, OR
2nd    Whitlock, Geoff    Springfield - Knox Knolls, IL
3rd    Coates, Kyle    Springfield - Knox Knolls, IL

Young Teen Veteran Individual Final:
1st      Dickinson, Dan    Hastings, MI
2nd    Houghtaling, Blake    Vandalia, IL
3rd    Mueller, Tracy    Alton, IL
4th    Morfin, Dana    Willamina, OR
5th    Scandrett, Nathan    Alton, IL
6th    Smith, Roy    Albion, NY

Young Teen Veteran Individual Consolation:
1st     King, Adam    Vincennes, IN
2nd    Meador, Jonathon    Spring Arbor, MI
3rd     3rdBilbro, Jeffrey    Issaquah - Mt. Creek, WA

Young Teen Rookie Individual Final:
1st     Colgan, David    Anderson-Wesley, IN
2nd    Evely, Kari    Nicholasville - Open Door, KY
3rd    Slager, Jeremy    Spring Arbor, MI
4th    Houghtaling, Kendra    Vandalia, IL
5th    Head, Ashley    Bedford, IN
6th    Hopper, Stephen    Fillmore, MN

Young Teen Rookie Individual Consolation:
1st      Smith, Oliver    Albion, NY
2nd    Moody, Josh    Alton, IL
3rd     Dickinson, Matthew    Hastings, MI

QuIC Individual Final:
1st     Mark Scandrett    Alton, IL
2nd    Penny Norton    Brockport, NY
3rd    Jay Vincent    Spraytown, IN

Special Recognition to those seniors who have quizzed at least 6 years:

Elizabeth Bartholomew    Issaquah-Mt. Creek, WA
Alistair Davis    Brockport, NY
Andrew Green    Brighton - Green Oak, MI
Ben Meador    Spring Arbor, MI
N. M.    Willamina, OR 
Tim Norton    Brockport, NY
David Runyon    Spring Arbor, MI
David Sanders    Greenville, IL
James Slager    Spring Arbor, MI
Paul Van Kleek    Auburn, WA
Hilary Whitaker    Bedford, IN

Spit Shine Award:
    Awarded to: Nicholasville (Open Door), KY
    Honorable Mention to:
    Lawrence, KS and >Willamina, OR

Quiz Out All Rounds in the Round Robin:
    Heather Baker, a STR from Lawrence, KS 

Best Balanced Teams:
Division         Team                            PPQI Factor
STVA    Spring Arbor, MI            2.57
STVB    Anderson-Wesley, IN    2.57
             Bedford    , IN                    2.57
STR      Gowanda, NY                4.18
YTV      Shoreline, WA                5.07
YTRA    Gowanda, NY I              1.54
YTRB    Albion, NY                      0.51

Dave Markell Excellence in Attitude Award:
    Elizabeth Bartholomew from Issaquah - Mt. Creek, WA


Last Modified: Saturday, 23 July 2016