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Saturday, 22 July 2017
S T A T I S T I C S :

National Quiz-Mail Update July 2001

NATIONAL QUIZ FINALS--McPherson, KS--June 25-29, 2001 
Gospel of Luke
Tournament Directors: Mark Colgan & Mike Hopper
Statistician: Paul Stackhouse
Local Host: Bryan Blankenship

Senior Teen Veteran A
(1) Vandalia, IL
(2) Alton, IL
(3) Willamina, OR
(4) Springfield, OR
(5) Hastings, MI
(5) Vincennes, IN
(Consolation) Spring Arbor, MI

Senior Teen Veteran B
(1) Richland, IL
(2) Kissimmee, FL
(3) Anderson, IN I
(Consolation) Apollo, PA

Senior Teen Rookie
(1) Anderson, IN
(2) Bedford, IN
(3) Dearborn, MI
(4) Auburn, WA
(5) Monacrest, PA
(5) Sugarcreek, OH I

Young Teen Veteran
(1) Alton, IL
(2) Willamina, OR
(3) Gowanda, NY II
(4) Cowden, IL
(5) Albion, NY II
(5) Brockport, NY
(Consolation) Clarkston, MI

Young Teen Rookie A
(1) Woodstock, IL
(2) Bedford, IN
(3) Alton, IL
(4) Vincennes, IN
(5) Dearborn, MI
(5) Spring Arbor, MI
(Consolation) Gowanda, NY

Young Teen Rookie B
(1) Monacrest, PA
(2) North Chili (Pearce) I
(3) North Chili (Pearce) II

QUIC Division
(1) Anderson, IN I
(2) Alton, IL
(3) Anderson, IN II
(4) Vincennes, IN
(5) Bedford, IN
(Consolation) Genesee Conference

Senior Teen Veteran Individual Finals
(1) Blake Houghtaling (Vandalia, IL)
(2) Patrick Willis (Willamina, OR)
(3) Andrew Mueller (Alton, IL)
(4) Jared Houser (Springfield, OR)
(5) Steve DeFelice (Butler, PA)
(6) David Swank (Vincennes, IN)

Senior Teen Veteran Individual Consolation
(1) Dan Dickinson (Hastings, MI) 
(2) Kevin Springer (Olympia, WA)
(3) Jake Bumstead (Willamina, OR) 

Senior Teen Rookie Individual Finals
(1) Travis Caples (Anderson, IN)
(2) David Hose (Vincennes, IN)
(3) David Switzer (New Halls Ferry, MO) 
(4) Evan Almaas (Auburn, WA)
(5) Dan Moyer (Gowanda, NY)
(6) Julie Thompson (Auburn, WA)

Young Teen Veteran Individual Finals
(1) Adam King (Vincennes, IN)
(2) Daniel Kaufmann (Kissimmee, FL)
(3) Kristy Moody (Alton, IL)
(4) Chris Pulice (Brockport, NY)
(5) Ashley Head (Bedford, IN)
(6) Amanda Williams (Gowanda, NY)

Young Teen Veteran Individual Consolation
(1) Nathan Scandrett (Alton, IL)
(2) Tracy Mueller (Alton, IL)
(3) Jeremy Slager (Spring Arbor, MI)

Young Teen Rookie Individual Finals
(1) Oliver Smith (Albion, NY)
(2) Julia Szymanski (Gowanda, NY)
(3) John Shinabarger (Woodstock, IL)
(4) Dan Walters (Dearborn, MI)
(5) Matthew Dickinson (Hastings, MI)
(6) Derek Cox (Bedford, IN)

Young Teen Rookie Individual Consolation
(1) Hannah Yochum (Vincennes, IN)
(1) Jordan Benike (Fillmore, MN)
(3) Cory Simonds (Dearborn, MI) 

QUIC Individuals
(1) Mark Scandrett, Alton, IL
(2) Dusty Lannon, Bedford, IN
(3) Adam Dawson, Bedford, IN 

Spit Shine Award
        Winner: Hastings, MI
        Honorable Mention:
        Bedford, IN
        Anderson Wesley, IN
        Hillsboro, IL
        Clarkston, MI

Seniors who have quizzed at least 5 years:
        Adam Harriff, (North Chili, NY)
        Elizabeth Dickinson (Hastings, MI)
        Korey Ashton (Albion, NY)
        Jared Houser (Springfield, OR) 
        Patricia Clark (Auburn, WA)
        Matt Green (Green Oak, MI) 

Dave Markell Award
        Patricia Clark (Auburn, Washington) 

Evergreen FM, Sheridan, Michigan -- April 21, 2001 -- Luke 23-24
Tournament Director:  Sue Main

Senior Teen Team Competition:
(1)  Lakeview Girls     2/0     280
(2)  Lakeview Boys      0/2     220

Young Teen Team Competition:
(1)  Lakeview-CJ                4/0     580
(2)  Zeeland-JBD        3/1     520
(3)  Lakeview-GC        2/2     480
(4)  Zeeland-HENS       1/3     480
(5)  Niles              0/4       80

Senior Teen Individuals:
(1)  Elizabeth Dickinson        Hastings        100/7
(2)  Sarah Quisenberry  Lakeview        100/14
(3)  Macie Eldred       Hastings        100/19

Young Teen Veteran Individuals:
(1)  Magan Quisenberry, Lakeview        100/14
(2)  Caleb Decker       Lakeview          40/15
(3)  John Paul Frey     Niles             20/15

Young Teen Rookie Individuals: (from a field of 16)
(1)  Matthew Dickinson  Hastings        100/8
(2)  Josh Larsen        Lakeview        100/11 (play-off:  80-0)
(3)  Jacob Quisenberry  Lakeview        100/11
(4)  Peter Pierson      Hastings        100/14
(5)  Garrett Silva      Lakeview        100/17 (play-off:  40-20)
(6)  Jaci Hildenbrand   Zeeland 100/17

Eight teams from 5 churches, with 23 youth quizzing.  All quizzers earned
the Memory Award for this month!

End-of-the-Year Awards:

Participatory Award (awarded a certificate and medal if the quizzer quizzed
in at least 4 months of quizzing and finished the year):  EVART:  Paula
Atherton, Brent Leichty, Kristen Leichty, Ryan Mallo, Sean Duffy; LAKEVIEW:
Sarah Quisenberry, Magan Quisenberry, Jacob Quisenberry, Caleb Decker, Ben
Cobel, Nathan Cobel, Josh Larsen, Christ Moore, Garrett Silva, Cody Decker,
Ashley Cole; NILES:  Jim Halgren, John Paul Frey, Jill Frey, James Bolyard;
STANWOOD:  Meagan Wilkinson, Amanda Easton, Gordon Towers; ZEELAND:
Stephanie Haveman, Emily Adema, Jaci Hildenbrand, Bethany Frederick, Devin

Memory Award for the Year:  LAKEVIEW:  Sarah Quisenberry, Magan Quisenberry,
Jacob Quisenberry, Caleb Decker, Ben Cobel, Nathan Cobel, Garrett Silva,
Cody Decker, Ashley Cole; NILES:  Jim Halgren; STANWOOD:  Meagan Wilkinson,
Amanda Easton, Gordon Towers; ZEELAND:  Stephanie Haveman, Jaci Hildenbrand,
Bethany Frederick.

All-Star Team, Senior Teen:  Ben Cobel, Lakeview,  PPQI: 5.187, Sarah
Quisenberry, Lakeview,  4.983, Paula Atherton, Evart, 4.140.

All-Star Team, Young Teen:  Meagan Wilkinson, Stanwood, PPQI:  6.425; Jacob
Quisenberry , Lkvw, 4.770; Garrett Silva, Lkvw, 4.374;  Caleb Decker, Lkvw,
4.367; Jill Frey, Niles, 4.266.

Over-All Individual Winners:  Senior Teen:  Sarah Quisenberry, Lkvw;  Young
Teen Veteran:  Magan Quisenberry, Lkvw; Young Teen Rookie:  Jacob


Last Modified: Sunday, 15 February 2015